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 Product Benchmarking

Available Spring 2021

  • Every year (since 2017) our team buys 95%  of tissue product samples from the shelf. Products are carefully tested and examined in the labs of the Tissue Pack Innovation Lab at North Carolina State University.

  • Product features such as sustainability, type of fibers and drying technology used in manufacturing are assessed and decoded.

  • With our comprehensive database, we track the evolution of product offerings by national brands and private labels, as well as identify emerging players.


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Ronalds Gonzalez, Ph.D. MBA

Managing Director


Practical Information Includes

  • Understanding of how companies are changing their products (product performance with real numbers)

  • Tracking the offering of sustainable products and pricing on the shelf

  • Price-performance correlations by categories, segments, and retail channels.

  • Assessing the value on the shelf for performance improvement (shelf value $/ton for a given improvement in performance for absorbency)

  • Market trend predictions

Furthermore, we are analyzing and linking our observations from the shelf with global megatrends (i.e. change in demographic behaviors, sustainability)

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